Annual subscription to qLife magazine.

A good partnership must be valued.
In over 10 years of business operations, we’ve come to realise that, together with our business partners, we want to build successful organisations, a competitive economy and a healthy social community.

What and how?

To our respected business partners, we are giving an annual subscription to qLife magazine, a professional publication for leadership, management and organisational development.

qLife is a unique source of knowledge to leaders and managers at all organisational levels, in all three sectors: business, public and non-profit. With its unique content and design, the journal promotes the culture of organisational and personal development, lifelong learning and acquiring the ethical and moral standards for organisation management.

Each quarter, we will deliver to our respected business partners a new issue of the magazine, desiring in this manner to contribute to all of your future achievements.

J. F. Kennedy

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.

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