We create future together.

Let’s grow together in a space where we gain new insights, develop together and in which we create a better future together.

SPACE2C® is a new business concept for your customers. 

Given that you have had exceptional results and success in your business operations to date, what enticed you to come up with SPACE2C®?

Mirna: "A successful future is based on good decisions in the present. From its beginnings, Salveo has always searched for new ideas, different ways of doing business and for making progress every day."

We always strive for better, so SPACE2C® came quite naturally.

Every day we create a successful future, and it is our desire, by means of this new business concept, to share and create with our partners and customers.

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SPACE2C® is a unique and interesting name for the concept.

How did you come up with it and why SPACE2C®?

Mirna: "Let me go back to spontaneity in conceiving the concept itself, as well as its name. It came on its own, unimposed, nonetheless, dominant compared to anything we regularly encounter in our professional or private life.

SPACE2C® is a concept that will grow as a result of our joint interaction, and it’s precisely for this reason that we call it Space. Space is something that is spacious, limitless, something that is constantly developing, changing, adapting, and that could grow infinitely. The very thought of the excellence brought by the concept brings me pleasure, and we’re truly jumping from excitement that it has come to life."

The new business concept provides our partners and customers added value to our work together and allows us to be even more successful in the future.

What does the SPACE2C® concept contain and enable?

Mirna: "By connecting, contributing, creating and talking, SPACE2C® represents a space in which we look, see and receive new insights which lead us, together with our customers and partners, to success.

Perhaps at the moment it sounds abstract, however, it is extremely concrete thanks to the well-conceived programme and services that we offer."